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3% Down Conventional


3% Down Conventional Loan
Alternative to FHA Financing


  • Available to all Owner Occupied Single Family Homebuyers.

  • Down payment is 3% of the sales price.

  • Allows down payment and Closing Costs to be a gift from a family member.

  • Available for single-family dwellings homes

  • Conventional Private Mortgage Insurance that goes away when 78% LTV is reached.

  • Fixed Rate Loans only for 15 or 30 Year terms

  • Standard Credit Score and Debt to Income Ratios Permitted
    (Higher Credit Scores and Lower Debt to Income may apply if Gift Funds Used)

  • Sellers Assistance limited to 3% of Sales Price

  • Avoids FHA Upfront and Life of Loan Monthly Mortgage Insurance Premiums

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