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These are some of Tim's Websites

203K Rehab Loans in Ohio 
This site is devoted to information about the FHA 203K Rehab Loans.   The FHA 203K loan is a great loan that allows you to borrower the money needed to purchase a home and also Borrow the money needed to make repairs or improvements to the home.   If you already own the home you can use this loan to improve the property and make any repairs to the property. 

Cost Of Renting in Ohio 
This site give you the pros and cons of renting versus owning a home in Ohio.  Besides discussing the Pro's and Con's, a number of calculators allow you to estimate your payment, do a simple income qualification or prepare an amortization Schedule.

Ohio Reverse Mortgage Information
Instead of making a Mortgage Payment each month, with a reverse mortgage you can receive a check each month.   Reverse Mortgage are available to homeowners over 62 and have equity in their homes.   It is not for everybody, however if you need money for needed repairs or could use additional income each month this program could be for you. 

Programs for Ohio First Time Homebuyers
Here you will find information about Loan Programs, Downpayment Assistance and Grant Funds available to Ohio home buyers.

Get a Good Faith Estimate  (In Process- Release Later)
This site is being developed.   It is not a replacement for a phone call.   The site presents information about the Good Faith Estimate and what costs must be guaranteed.   It also breaks down closings costs into four categories(  Paid at Closing, Paid during the Process, Financed Costs and Amounts paid by the Seller )  Without this breakdown the total Closing Costs on the Good Faith Estimate can be overwhelming to a borrower.

Ohio Rural Home Loans
Information about USDA Rural Home Loans in Ohio

Ohio Home Path Mortgage Information
Information about FannieMae's Home Path Mortgage.

Mortgages in Ohio

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